Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC)

Congratulations on your recent acceptance to NJIT in the Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC)! The Advising Success Center (ASC) team will help facilitate your smooth transition to the university. Sign-up for an Advising & Registration Day below to get registered for Fall 2018 courses. 

Please make sure you can see your transfer credits on your academic transcript before signing up. 

Highlander Pipeline --> Student Services tab --> Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Student Records --> Academic Transcript.

* * * NOTE: Information Technology (IT) is a YWCC major. The Computer Technology (CPT) major is part of the Newark College of Engineering. CPT majors can register for an NCE session by clicking here. * * *

If you have any questions, feel free to call 973-596-5598 or email asc@njit.edu.