First Year Students

Your journey as an incoming first year student begins by taking a math placement test and then attending the NJIT orientation program, called First Year Connections (FYC). A number of resources will be available to you to ensure you have a successful beginning at NJIT. More information regarding FYC can be found on the left-side menu.

During your first semester, you will also take part in an eight-week course called the First Year Seminar, which will continue to provide you the support you need as a new college student. Information regarding the First Year Seminar can be found under Current Students.

As an incoming student, you may have many questions. Below is a list of commonly asked questions (FAQ's) by incoming students.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Incoming First Year Students

What are the necessary steps to prepare myself for the first semester?

Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be contacted by the Center for First Year Students letting you know what you need to do next to prepare for your NJIT experience.  For general information: click here.

Is the first year orientation mandatory and what is its purpose?

Yes, the first year orientation, called First Year Connections (FYC), is required for all first year students. FYC is a two-part orientation. FYC 1.0 is a two-day interactive orientation program designed to help new students get a head start on their future at NJIT.  FYC 2.0 is a two-day experience the week before class starts. For more information, contact or call 973-596-5438.

If I decide to change my major, do I need to reapply?

You do not have to reapply if you “change your major”.  You need to send an official written request via email to the Admissions Office by June 15, 2014 at and they will notify you about their decision. After June 15, you can contact the Center For First Year Students (CFFYS) to get information on how to change your major.

I’ve been accepted, now how do I register for classes?

Incoming first-year students must take the math placement test. After you have been placed in math, the Registrar's office will send your course placements along with registration instructions.

How are first year students placed in their courses?

First year students are placed in courses based on High School academic performance, SAT/ACT scores, advance course credits and the math placement test results. This process has been carefully designed in accordance to departmental standards and major curriculum to assure that your initial course schedule corresponds with your level of preparation.

When will I meet my advisor?

You will meet with your academic advisor during orientation, which is called First Year Connections (FYC). Click here for additional information about FYC.

Do my high school grades truly matter for placement into classes?

Your high school grades do impact your course placements.  It is imperative that you make sure that your final transcript is submitted to the Admissions Office upon completion of high school courses.

Which placement tests do I need to take if any?

All incoming first year students are required to take the Math  Placement Test, which consist of three sections Basic Algebra, Advance Algebra and Trigonometry.  Once your deposit has been received, you will be notified by the Center for First Year Student of your assigned testing date.

What if I am unable to take the Math Placement Test on my assigned date?

You will need to contact  the Center for First Year Students’ Placement Testing Office at 973.596.8389 to make arrangements to take the test on another date.

What if I fail my math placement test?

The placement test is not a pass/fail exam. Your scores help to determine the math course in which you will be placed for your first semester at NJIT.  If you believe that your initial placement test scores are not representative of your mathematical capabilities and level, you may request to take the placement exam a second time.

Where do I go to receive Advanced Placement (AP) credit?

Upon taking the Advanced Placement Exam, you should have requested  that your scores be sent to NJIT.  If this is not the case, you will need to contact College Board and request that all AP scores be sent to NJIT including scores from prior year(s).  Ms. Margo Gilchrist, Associate Director of Placement & Testing, is the contact person at NJIT who is located in the Center for First Year Students. Upon receipt of your AP scores, Ms. Gilchrist submits awarded credit to the Registrar’s Office.  The majority of the AP scores are received in early July and the process continues throughout the year. AP credit is awarded based on the guidelines in the following matrix:

What if I took a college course during high school?

You can receive credit for college course(s) taken during High School by requesting an official transcript be sent from the college in which the course was affiliated to the of the Registrar’s Office to the attention of Mr. Patrick Fields.  If you took a course(s) at NJIT, you need to relate that information to the Center for First Year Students upon depositing or during testing.

Are my first semester classes merely university general requirements or are they specific to my major?

Your first semester courses are general undergraduate requirements, as well as specific major courses depending upon placements, departmental standards and major curriculum.  Please review major curriculum requirements posted in the catalog:

How can I look up the books I need for classes prior to the beginning of the school?

Once you have registered your courses, you can go to the bookstore’s website and look up the books you will need for a specific course. Please click on the following link:

If I choose to reside on campus, is there financial aid available?

If you have completed the Financial Aid Federal Student Application (FAFSA), you will be notified about your eligibility for financial aid and the covered cost.  For further information go to:  or

I commute, so is there parking available?

Parking is available. To register to park your car on campus, go to:

As a commuter, can I get a meal plan?

There are meal plan options that you can take advantage of as a commuter.  For more information, please CLICK HERE.