Fraternity & Sorority Life


Welcome to the New Jersey Institute of Technology!

As you are making plans for your academic career, I hope you will take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available outside of the classroom. NJIT offers a multitude of student activities and organizations designed to enrich your academic pursuits and enhance your campus life experience.

One avenue to highly consider is Fraternity and Sorority Life. Fraternities and sororities have been part of campus life for 90+ years and make up close to 6% of our undergraduate population with 24 chapters and 500+ students. At NJIT, Fraternity & Sorority Life provides opportunities for personal and professional development, civic engagement, and academic enhancement, all while developing close lifelong bonds with their peers. This will occur through the diverse offering of educational programs, leadership development and civic engagement opportunities, and additional learning opportunities available at conferences offered both locally and nationally. 

Although we encourage membership in a Fraternity or Sorority as part of your collegiate experience, the benefits of membership last long after graduating. Fraternity and sorority alumni nationwide indicate that their fraternal membership was a vital component of their collegiate experience; and through alumni networking, they continue to receive long-term benefits from their Fraternity and Sorority affiliations. 

Whether you decide to join a Fraternity or Sorority, or not, we hope you will find other ways to stay involved at NJIT and look forward to hopefully seeing you at some of our events throughout the year!


Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Kappa
Delta Epsilon Psi Pi Kappa Phi
Iota Nu Delta Psi Upsilon
Iota Phi Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Kappa Xi Kappa Sigma Beta Rho
Lambda Sigma Upsilon Sigma Pi
Lambda Theta Phi Tau Delta Phi
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Tau Kappa Epsilon             
Phi Beta Sigma Theta Chi    


Alpha Sigma Tau Lambda Tau Omega
Delta Phi Epsilon Omega Phi Chi
Kappa Phi Gamma Sigma Psi Kappa