NJCEP Faculty

Core Faculty:

  • Rajesh Dave, NJIT
    Engineered Particulates: Synthesis of nano-particles and structured particle composites, for applications such as pharmaceutical, food, electronic and energetic materials. Modeling and development of novel techniques for dry particle coating, film-coated particles, granules and engineered particulates. Nano-particle mixing, and nano-particle fluidization. Supercritical fluid processing for particle mixing, coating and particle formation. Particle transport and handling/Flow and delivery from hoppers. Numerical simulations and particle-particle interactions.

  • Ed Dreizin, NJIT
    High-Energy Density Energetic Material, Metal Combustion

  • Michael Huang, NJIT

  • Boris Khusid, NJIT

  • Robert Pfeffer, NJIT

  • Satoru Watano, Osaka Prefecture University

Affiliated NJIT Faculty