Patents and Applications

  • Method of Particle Coating, US patent # US6197369, Issued March 6, 2001. (filed: Sept. 30, 1999) (Inventors: S. Watano, R. Pfeffer, R. Dave)
  • Method and Apparatus for Magnetically Mediated Controlled Powder Discharge, US patent # 6,471,096, Issued October 29, 2002, (filed on 09/27/1999) (Inventor: R. Dave)
  • Powder Fluidization Apparatus, Japanese patent application, filed, 2000. (Inventors: S. Watano, R. Pfeffer, R. Dave)
  • Aerated Vibrofluidization and Aerated Magnetically Assisted Fluidization of Nanoparticles, Serial No. 60/490,912, filed July 29, 2003 (The provisional patent application was converted to a Full Regular Application) (Inventors: C. Nam, R. Pfeffer, R. Dave)
  • Nanoparticle Coating or Encapsulation Using Supercritical Antisolvent Process (SAS), Serial No. 60/461,506, filed April 8, 2003. (The provisional patent application is now converted to a Full Regular Application) (Inventors: Yulu Wang, R. Pfeffer, R. Dave)
  • Concentric Nozzle with Ultrasonic Agitation, PPA Filed to USPTO, Application No. 60/545,584 filed February 19, 2004 (Inventors: J-J. Luo, R. Dave, R. Pfeffer)
  • Net Shape Manufacturing Processes and Compositions, Application No. 10/819,898, filed April 7, 2004, (Inventors: B. Qian, C. Gogos, M. Young, R. Dave, R. Pfeffer, etal)
  • Ultraviolet Particle Coating Processes, Application No. 60/557,479, filed March 30, 2004. (Inventors: Ming-Wan Young, Bainian Qian, Costas Gogos, Rajesh Dave)
  • Ordered Particle Structures and Methods of Making Same, filed June 28, 2004. (Inventors: B. Qian, C. Gogos, M. Young, R. Dave, R. Pfeffer, etal)
  • Net Shaping Manufacturing Processes and Compositions, PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty, # PCT/US2004/036528,  filed 11/02/04, (Inventors: Costas G. Gogos, Rajesh N. Dave, Robert Pfeffer)
  • Ultraviolet Particle Coating Systems and Processes, Full US Patent Application, # 11/094,842, filed 03/30/05. (Inventors: Costas G. Gogos, Rajesh N. Dave, Ming Wan Young, Banian Qian)
  • System and Method for Nanoparticle and Nanoagglomerate Fluidization, Full US and International Patent Application, # 10/900,868,  filed Fall 2004. (Inventors: R. Pfeffer, R. Dave, C. Nam, Q. Liu, J. Quevedo, Q. Yu)
  • Fractal Structured Nanoagglomerates as Filter Media, Provisional Patent Application, # 60/676,758, filed, 05/02/05. (Inventors: R. Pfeffer, R. Dave, S. Dukhin, J. Quevedo, Q. Yu)
  • Dry Particle Coating of Cohesive Powders and Associated Methods, Provisional Patent Application filed, August 31, 2005. (Inventors: R. Dave, R. Pfeffer, J. Yang, Y. Chen)
  • Method for Manufacturing Fine and Nano Particles and Coating Thereof, Provisional Patent Application filed, November 8, 2005. (Inventors: B. Khusid, A. Gokhale, R. N. Dave, R. Pfeffer)