Study Abroad

Student Testimonials

Biren Bhatt"Living and studying at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in Spring 2003 has been a highlight of my college experience. I've always loved the city environment, and beautiful, bustling Hong Kong was a perfect match for me. I only wish my college career was longer so I could go back!

In general, studying abroad is the perfect way to supplement your education. Credits transfer on a pass/fail basis, and you can expand your horizons through work and/or travel. While in Hong Kong, I was able to find volunteer opportunities that strengthened my interest in medical research and public health. I've found that my experiences in Hong Kong always make for interesting conversations at job and other interviews!

The Office of International Students & Faculty staff is an amazing group. Mr. Kline was very helpful through the entire process of choosing and applying to a foreign university. He even found a scholarship that funded most of my trip. I highly recommend stopping by their office for more information, as there are many exchange programs and they will help find the best one for you."

Biren Bhatt - University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Spring 2003
Engineering Science BS/MD program with UMDNJ
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Award Winner 2004

"Study Abroad is very challenging, stressful, patience demanding, and probably the best year (or semester) you will ever have had. It will open your eyes. Not only do you see a new culture, but you also learn that culture's view on the rest of the world. I recommend it for anyone and everyone."

Bruce Langford - Fachhochschule Darmstadt (Germany) Fall 2003

Geoff CoxYour credits transfer, scholarships are available and the booze is cheap. What else could you want from a journey that turns your world upside down, shakes you into confusion and then has you laughing out loud reliving memories 6 months later?"

Geoffrey Cox - Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Fall 2002

"The belief that everyone can make a difference and that I can be most effective when leading by example, is what gave me the courage to venture into unknown territory, to study, work and travel abroad for one year in the island state of Singapore.

The Far East experience sealed the deal for me. It helped me confirm what I wanted to do with my life. Going to Singapore gave me a glimpse of how special and rewarding life can be! I met truly interesting people, experienced new friendships, traveled to exotic locations, had tons of fun and experience both highs and lows.

I dream now of a world where more people will have a chance to experience what I did. It forever changed the way I perceive the world."

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Kamiludeen Olufowobi - Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Fall 2001

"Study abroad 1: Australia, yes it may be far and yes people may talk different, but that's the whole beauty of it. Imagine a world.. nearly opposite of our own.. where people drive on the "wrong side" of the road and where people say things backwards.. now imagine what they say about us.. Australia was a great experience... oh yeah one more thing.. It's cheaper to go now while you are in school!

Study abroad 2: France, Work in a school with people from literally around the world. How does 15 different countries sound. Now imagine the people you can meet, the food you can try, the clothes you can buy, and the music you can have...It is a great thing to be able to learn from others.. especially people who were raised in other countries.. make the most of it...

Study abroad 3: Mexico, Ever want to learn another language, and just couldn't grasp it while taking language classes in the states.. here's an idea, go to the source!!.. Live it, Breathe it, Taste it and Walk it. People always say you never know unless you try.. well here is your chance.. to become even more well-rounded.

Overall - if you don't like the first 3 - Studying Abroad, by far the BEST thing you can do during college life. You can "LIVE" in other countries, and get credit for school and sometimes work.. making it practically CAKE to land a job back home.. or maybe even abroad as well. If you worry about the change or differences... just go for it.. chances are if you like to meet new people.. you WILL NOT be disappointed."

Michael Cerreto - Monash University (Australia) Fall 2000, INSA-Lyon (France) Summer 2000, and Monterrey Tech (Mexico) Fall 2002