Costs and Funding

Exchange Visitors coming to NJIT should plan to spend at least USD 2,000 per month on housing, meals and personal expenses, among others. This amount will vary based on the student’s lifestyle.

Average cost of expenses (per semester):

  • Tuition: $0
  • Housing (depends on accommodation): it can range from $4,130 to $5,290
  • Meal plan (not required, depends on the plan): ranges from $903 to $1,800
  • Personal and miscellaneous expenses: $600

Additionally, students will be required to purchase NJIT's health insurance coverage plan in the amount of approximately $1,600 per year. Health Insurance is mandatory for all registered J-1 students as a condition of enrollment. Mandatory student health insurance will be charged for all J-1 students; the mandatory student health insurance charge will include 1 week early arrival insurance for all new incoming J-1 students to cover the International Student Orientation program.

The source of the exchange student’s funding must be indicated on the DS-2019 form. Possible sources of funding are:

  • U.S. Government Agency, such as the Dept. of State
  • International Organizations, such as the UN, UNICEF, etc.
  • Home Government, the student’s own government will fund the exchange
  • Other Organizations, such as a private organization, university or foundation in the U.S. or abroad
  • Personal Funds, only acceptable if NJIT has an agreement with the student’s home institution