Health Services

Health Insurance Plan

NJIT requires that all full-time, undergraduate students carrying 12 or more credit hours, graduate students carrying a minimum of 9 credit hours, and F1 and J1 international students carrying 3 or more credit hours have current health insurance.

These students are automatically enrolled in the school-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.

The online hard-waiver process will open December 1, 2013  for the Spring 2014 semester.  Only students entering  NJIT for Spring semester are eligible to waive.  Students who entered during the Fall Semester are not eligible to waive.

Hard waiver details and online forms can be found at

Full-time students who do not show proof of adequate health insurance will be automatically enrolled in the  NJIT Student Health Insurance Plan and the premium will be added to the student’s bill.

Part-time students, spouses and students who have lost their insurance may voluntarily enroll in a NJIT Student Health Insurance Plan. Please visit for details on plans and how to enroll “Voluntary Enroll” at