Payment Plan Options

Authorized Users must set up the plan if they want to receive payment reminders for the plan.

Payment Plan Options include a Monthly or Bi-Weekly payment schedule-click on the plan below to review each plan.

Monthly Payment Plan-Fall 2018 

Bi-Weekly Payment Plan-Fall 2018


  • NJIT procedure prohibits students with balances from registering. However, students who are on Payment Plans and who have made every installment payment on or before each installment due date, but may still have a future installment due,  will be permitted to register during Priority Registration period, according to Registrar's Office posted schedule. 
  • Students will lose the privilege of accessing Priority Registration according to the posted Registration schedule while on a payment plan if:  Any payment is returned by the bank on any installment or any payment has been LATE* on any scheduled installment.     
  • SECOND CHANCE OPPORTUNITY- If you lost the privilege to register at the opening of Priority Registration you will be provided one more opportunity to bring your account current.  Please review the payment plan document for specific semester dates. 

*Late is considered to be any payment made after the scheduled installment date.   While the payment is still considered late, a grace period is provided prior to assessing the late payment fee.