Celebration 2002

Outstanding Alumna Award
Barbara Littman

When Barbara Littman talks about her mid-life decision to return to school for her Masters Degree in Architecture after running a successful interior design business for twenty years, her excitement is infectious. Perhaps it is because of the way she tells the story. She is unflinchingly honest about how terrified she was, how difficult she found the courses, and how positive she is that she never would have succeeded without the support of her family, fellow students and the administrators, staff and faculty at the New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT.

But Barbara did succeed, and she takes justifiable pride in the Master’s degree that she received in 1994 at a commencement ceremony attended by her husband, Len, her parents, and her children. After doing her internship at The Hillier Health, Wellness and Lifecare Practice Group in Princeton, she accepted a position there. She is now an Associate of the American Institute of Architects, and is taking classes in preparation for her professional licensing exam.

The rewards of her dedication and accomplishment go far beyond the degree. Barbara says that one of the most extraordinary things about the experience is that, as a result of her training, she sees the world with new eyes. "Now," she says, architecture is both my work and my hobby, and it’s a wonderful feeling."

Barbara is being honored tonight not only as a woman who had the courage and determination in mid-life to follow her dream, but also for her philanthropic spirit.

To express her appreciation to NJSOA for helping her achieve her goal of becoming an architect, Barbara and Len recently presented the school with a major gift, in honor of which the NJSOA library has been re-named the Barbara and Leonard Littman Library.

The Littmans are also involved in philanthropic activities in support of several other organizations, including Rumsey Hall School in Washington Depot, CT, The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, Alyn Children’s Hospital & Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

Barbara remains active at NJIT as a member of the Constance A. Murray Women’s Center Advisory Board. She is also working with Dean Gauchat and the faculty to designate her gift, which, in addition to supporting scholarships, lecture series and programs, will be used to establish the Littman Digital Imaging Center at NJSOA.

The Littmans live in Highland Park. They have three children and three grandchildren.