Dean of Students

Student Professional Conduct Code - Article 3 - Judicial Authority

A .  Section 1.

Final Authority

Final authority for the discipline of students rests with the Board of Trustees, who delegated that authority through the President and the Faculty to the Dean Of Students, the Committee on Professional Conduct and the Committee on Student Appeals.

B. Section 2.

Dean Of Students

The Dean Of Students will administer the disciplinary process.

C. Section 3.

Judicial Bodies

Disciplinary hearings may be held by any of the following judicial bodies:

  1. Residence Life Judicial Board (described in the Residence Life Guide).
  2. Interfraternity-Sorority Council Judicial Board (described in the Statement Of Relationship  Between New Jersey Institute of Technology and Social Fraternities and Sororities).
  3. Dean Of Students or his/her designee.
  4. Administrative Hearing Panel or Officer designated by the Dean Of Students.
  5. Committee on Professional Conduct.
  6. Committee on Student Appeals.

D. Judicial Decisions

Decisions of a judicial body shall be final, pending the appeal process(es) as described in this Code.