Dean of Students

Student Professional Conduct Code - Article 6 - Interim Suspension

A. Section 1.

Initial Interim Suspension

Interim suspension from campus residence or from the university may be temporarily imposed immediately and without prior notice by the Dean Of Students in an extreme circumstance where it is determined by the Dean Of Students in his/her discretion that the student poses a definite and immediate threat to the safety and welfare of him/herself, to other persons, to university property, or to the normal operations of the university. During interim suspension, the student may lose regular privileges, such as the right to be present in campus residences and/or on campus or engage in any university activities or privileges as determined to be appropriate by the Dean Of Students. The interim suspension shall be in effect until the preliminary hearing is held. The hearing shall be held as soon as practicable and will have priority in the scheduling of hearings.

B. Section 2.

Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing on continuing the interim suspension shall, except in extraordinary circumstances, be held within three business days of the decision. The preliminary hearing shall be held with the respondent by the Vice President for Academic and Student Services or his/her express designee other than the Dean Of Students. The purpose shall be to determine the reliability of the evidence of alleged misconduct, and whether it reasonably justifies the continuation of the interim suspension pending a full hearing on the charged conduct before the Committee on Professional Conduct.

C. Section 3.

Completion of Term

If, following the conclusion of the pre-hearing and/or hearing processes, the student is permitted to complete the academic term, s/he shall be allowed to make up any class-work missed during the interim suspension.