Events, Guests, and Posting Policies

The Hazell Center has established policies and procedures for student and university events and guests, as well as policies for advertising and posting these events.  These policies are available on the Campus Center website.

Only recognized student organizations may sponsor an event, and the Director of the Hazell Center must approve all student events. All advertising for student organization sponsored events should include the following information: date, start and end times, sponsor and contact information, and the phrases “College ID Required”, “One guest per NJIT student”, and “no one admitted after 12:00am” (where applicable). 

See "Event Guidelines" on the Campus Center website for complete details on preparing advertisements and the posting policy.

For student sponsored events, only college students with valid student identification, or NJIT Alumni (with ID) will be admitted. NJIT students who serve as sponsors assume full responsibility for their guest’s behavior.  There is a limit of one guest per NJIT student, unless the Hazell Center Director previously authorizes other arrangements.

To insure adherence to the guest policy, student groups may be required to employ Public Safety staff members who, in conjunction with a member of the sponsoring group, would check and verify student identification and admit guests under the proper guidelines.  These Public Safety Officers would be stationed at the event doors for the duration of the event, and the student group would incur the cost.  For more information about policies regarding events, guests, advertising, etc., please check out the Hazell Center web page at