The Black Engineering Technology Alumni Association (BETAA) consists of Black NJIT graduates. In January, 1990, BETAA proposed an initiative designed to address the short fall of scientists and engineers in the Black community. The Program's objectives are to recruit ten Black students who are in need of financial and academic support and provide a support system that offers career advisement, mentoring and leadership training .Through a collaborative effort with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) the first BETAA grant recipients were admitted into the EOP Summer Academic Enrichment Program in June 1990.                           



Administered and located within EOP, AMP is a NSF-funded program to increase the number of African American and Latino SEM (science, engineering and math) graduates in the nation. NJIT is a member of the Philadelphia AMP and EOP has selected those SEM-EOP sophomore, junior and senior students who fit the ethnic and academic criteria and are willing to participate in other program activities (URE-Undergraduate Research Experience, peer-tutoring and mentoring of freshmen, etc.). Participants receive financial and career-related benefits.                         

Co-administered with NCE (Newark College of Engineering) and located within EOP, African American and Latino Students, who meet the academic and financial need criteria of NACME, are awarded grants and scholarships from the organization. NACME (the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering) is an organization dedicated to increasing the number of minority students who graduates in engineering.           

INROADS, INC. is affiliated with EOP through our support of their internship abilities with over 50 companies. EOP/NJIT is the site for INROADS's annual Talent Acquisition Fair targeting rising juniors and seniors.  Students with strong GPA's could be successful candidates for INROADS internships.