Academic and Student Support

During the Summer Academic Enrichment Program, students are required to attend evening study sessions in mathematics, physics, CIS and English.  The architecture students have their tutoring sessions in the studios. A tutorial supervisor coordinates and oversees all evening tutorial activities, which are facilitated by the tutors and teaching assistants. The academic schedule includes these sessions.

Counseling Component

While the main goal of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program is to prepare students to successfully compete academically with the regularly admitted students, it places extreme demands on the participants and requires them to learn new habits and behavioral academic patterns. The counseling component provides avenues of support and assists students in their academic efforts and transition to college life.

The goal of the Freshman Seminar Course  is to familiarize students with campus life and establish a student-counselor relationship that provides an extra level of support. Seminar content is geared to the special needs of the group. Students meet with their counselor individually to discuss personal situations in a more private and confidential setting. During the fall and spring semesters, EOP summer participants continue in Freshmen Seminars with EOP counselors and other NJIT administrators. Advisement is integrated with mandatory counseling during the Summer Academic Enrichment Program and during the freshman year.