Fraternities and Sororities

Learn more about our 21 Greeks organizations by checking out the NJIT website and the individual chapter websites. This will help you understand the history of Greeks at NJIT and which organizations you can meet at the different recruitment events for both Fall and Spring semester. If you have any questions about our Chapters and their recruitment information, please email the Greek Advisor, Allen White, at

Meet Our Chapters & Colonies!


NPC - National Panhellenic Council

Local - Recognized only at NJIT

NMGC - National Multicultural Greek Council


NIC - North-American Interfraternity Conference

Local - Recognized only at NJIT

NPHC - National Pan-Hellenic Council

NALFO - National Association for Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc.

*Denotes dual representation under the NIC

In addition to our 21 social Greek Letter Fraternities and Sororities, we also have 1 service and 1 professional organization on the NJIT Campus. For more information about these organizations, please contact the organizations individually.

Service Organizations

Co-Ed Fraternity

Special Interest

Co-Ed Fraternity

The Following is a List of Organizations that are NOT Currently Recognized

Organizations that have been banned or removed from Campus

  • Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity (Lost recognition Fall 2005)
  • Iota Kappa Phi Fraternity (Lost recognition Summer of 2009)

Organizations that have lost recognition from Campus

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.(Fall 2004)
  • Delta Phi Omega Sorority (June 2010)
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc (July 2010)
  • Kappa Psi Epsilon Sorority (December 2009)
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority (July 2010)
  • Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc.
  • Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc. (Summer 2011)
  • Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity (Summer 2010)

Organizations that have never been affiliated with NJIT

  • Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity
  • Iota Nu Delta Fraternity
  • Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority

*We strongly discourage student participation in these unrecognized groups, as the university does not provide any form of support, oversight and advisement for their members. Also, since these groups often lack national affiliation, they may not have liability insurance, or oversight policies for risk management, hazing or sexual harassment. Therefore if one of these chapters would experience a civil lawsuit, a member of that group might be held directly liable by a complainant, exposing himself/herself and their family members to unneeded risk. Furthermore, many times national organizations of these unrecognized groups choose not to acknowledge the University's concerns or to take action against their chapters. Students who choose to become members of these unrecognized groups may not obtain all of the benefits available to those who join a recognized fraternity or sorority.

-Adopted from The George Washington University

It is important to understand that if you choose to become a part of an unrecognized organization you will never be recognized by the college as an official member of that organization. Therefore, be sure to verify the status of an organization with the NJIT Campus Center Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life before beginning New Member Education Program for a fraternity or sorority.