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New Jersey Institute of Technology Announces Summer Program

Where do young girls launch rockets, design roller coasters and analyze chocolate? In workshops offered this summer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

The workshops encourage students - many of whom are girls and minorities - from post-fourth to post-11th grades to pursue education in science, math and engineering. The Center for Pre-college Programs at NJIT, the oldest and largest summer program of its kind in the state, sponsors the workshops.

Parents: To order an application call (973) 596-3550 or visit the center’s website: www.njit.edu/precollege. Applications are due April 8.

The workshops last from four to six weeks, and begin either in late June or early July.  Classes run Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Tuition ranges from $400-$1,000. Two workshops – the FEMME programs - are only for girls. The classes include lab projects, field trips, lectures and more. All students who enroll in any of the workshops will receive 10 free standardized-test preparatory sessions - held on Saturdays – starting in Sept. 2005. The workshops offered this summer are these:

FEMME helps post-fourth through post-eighth grade girls enhance math, science and technological skills. The class boosts self-confidence and encourages the girls to choose careers in scientific and technological fields. The workshops offered this summer are in environmental; aeronautical; mechanical; chemical; and biomedical engineering.

FEMME Academy, a five-week program, includes a two week stay in the NJIT residence halls. The classes, geared to post-9th and post-10th grade girls, provide enrichment in math, science and problem solving.

Pre-Engineering Program is a five-week project that introduces post-sixth grade students to mechanical engineering. Students also enhance their mathematics, science, communications and technological skills.

Explore Careers in Technology and Engineering, a five-week class, introduces post-seventh graders to technology and engineering careers. Students also receive training for the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (GEPA) test.

Algebra Prep Program is a five-week prep class for post-seventh and post-eighth graders who will enroll in Algebra I in the fall.

Introduction to Chemical Industry for Minorities in Engineering Program, a four-week class, teaches post-eighth grades chemistry and chemical engineering. 

Urban Civil Engineering Summer Institute, a six-week class, introduces post-ninth grade students to civil engineering.

Information Technology in Engineering Academy is a new, six-week class that introduces post-ninth students to information technology and its applications to engineering. Students study technical graphics and technical drawing. PSAT test preparation and the possibility of earning one college credit are included.

The Engineering Physics and Math Prep Program, a six-week class, helps post-10th and post-11th graders overcome their anxiety and excel in math and physics.

The Center for Pre-college Programs was established in 1978 to increase access to scientific and technological fields among traditionally underrepresented populations and to improve the teaching of science and mathematics in secondary and elementary schools. Offering a variety of programs, the Center annually serves more than 3,000 elementary and secondary students, their teachers and parents.