President's Report 2002-2003
NJIT: New Jersey's Catalyst for Prosperity

A Message from the Chairman

A Message from the Chairman
The President's Report
Facts and Figures (pdf)

Preparing the 21st Century Workforce

NJIT's rich research agenda yields many dividends for undergraduate and graduate students alike, in the form of new and innovative approaches to education as well as access to the technologies of tomorrow's marketplace.

Developing Technologies for Defense and Homeland Security

A recent NJIT Technology Poll on Homeland Security found that nearly two out of three adults in the New York Metropolitan Area think it is likely that another act of terrorism will occur within the next year.

Improving the Quality of Life

Biomedical engineering and the applied life sciences are the most rapidly growing areas of concentration at NJIT.  Engineering approaches, computational modeling and mathematical analysis must be brought to bear on medical science to transform scientific knowledge into practical uses.

Growing New Industries from Emerging Technologies

Advances in such areas as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), optoelectronics, nanotechnology, materials science, and polymer technology have opened up new technological applications that in turn are creating new industries.

Helping New Jersey Build a 21st Century Economy

A recent study by Bruce Kirchhoff, distinguished professor of entrepreneurship and director of the technological entrepreneurship program, shows that university R&D spurs the growth of new firms close to the university.

Improving the Natural and the Build Environment

Environmental engineers and architects are working side by side to rebuild and revitalize America's cities, cleaning up Brownfields and providing environmentally benign design solutions that preserve a sense of aesthetic.

Advancing Information Technology

NJIT's expertise in information technology enriches every aspect of campus activity. Faculty in every academic department work to advance the state of the art in computer applications within their discipline.