Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Engaged
President's Annual Report 2006-2007


Dr. AltenkirchA Message from the President
The image of the “ivory tower” institution of higher learning has never truly fit NJIT. Our predecessor institution, Newark Technical School, was founded in 1881 for the specific purpose of providing Newark’s burgeoning manufacturing industry with a skilled technical workforce. Over the years, our connections to many communities and constituencies have grown along with our campus, our programs and our overall mission.

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Preparing the Next Generation: The Pre-college Connection
As the need for technology professionals increases — NASA predicts a shortfall of two million science and engineering workers, and the US Department of Education estimates a need for nearly 300,000 new math and science secondary school teachers — NJIT has launched a new university-wide initiative to enrich and strengthen high school curricula in science, mathematics and engineering, particularly in the state’s urban centers.

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Designing A Healthier Future: Medical Partnerships
The intersection of medicine and technology is where science transforms into practical treatments and therapies, as demonstrated by the work of Associate Professor of biomedical engineering Tara Alvarez, director of NJIT’s Vision and Neural Engineering Laboratory.

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Shaping Tomorrow's Technologies: Research As Education
The latest technologies and the most advanced design techniques are more than theory to NJIT students. Undergraduates gain hands-on experience in cutting edge research and applications projects. Experiential learning at NJIT takes many forms from co-op jobs and internships to research assistantships, but one of the most unusual and successful venues is the College of Computing Science’s Capstone Program.

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Rebuilding and Restoring: The New Orleans Connections
When Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast in August 2005, New Orleans native James Dart, university lecturer at New Jersey School of Architecture, knew that he had to do something to help the city’s recovery.

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Fueling the Economy: Partnerships with Industry
The development of new or improved synthetic materials from corn derivatives is the goal of a partnership among NJIT researchers, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC). The team has a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop cost-effective corn-based chemistries and processes relevant to the commercial polymer industry.

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Supporting the Troops: Active Coatings Technologies Research
In 2003, NJIT began a partnership with Picatinny Arsenal to create a page out of science fiction — a “smart” coating enriched with nanomachines that could detect corrosion or scratches on a surface and possibly even heal them. But, according to Dan Watts, Panasonic Endowed Chair of Sustainability and Executive Director of the Otto H.York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science, no one guessed that the first practical application of the new technologies would be in combat.

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