President's Annual Report 2008-2009

President Robert A. Altenkirch

A Message from the President

“… The most visible change is, of course, the campus itself. We’ve worked hard to create an appealing and welcoming environment for our students on campus, and we are looking forward over the next few years to seeing the whole University Heights neighborhood developed and enhanced into an attractive destination for students with living options and retail and entertainment amenities.”  Read more.

Transforming the Urban Landscape

Over recent years, NJIT’s Newark campus has blossomed into a pleasant and attractive environment for students and staff within the concrete landscape of University Heights. Beautification efforts combined with signage and banners reinforce university branding to establish a distinct campus presence within the city of Newark.  Read more.

Taking Athletics to the Next Level

Beginning in September 2009, NJIT becomes an across-the-board active member of the NCAA Division I, culminating a process initiated by the university in 2003. The new status allows NJIT, its teams, and student-athletes to enjoy the full benefits of Division I membership, including eligibility for Division I postseason championship competition and the potential inclusion of Highlanders among the national Division I leaders in statistics maintained by the NCAA.  Read more.

Education That Works

NJIT’s strong emphasis on experiential learning is a major factor in employment statistics for graduates. According to NACE, 74 percent of those who found jobs in 2009 had participated in a co-op or internship at some point in their college career. NJIT offers an array of opportunities for hands-on research, co-op jobs, internships and capstone courses that provide students with real-world experience. Read more.

The Biomedical Boom

In under a decade, biomedicine has become the single largest concentration at NJIT in education as well as research. The Department of Biomedical Engineering, founded in 2002, is now one of the largest in the university with nearly 400 students enrolled from bachelor’s to doctoral level. The Federated Department of Biological Sciences has nearly 200 students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Read more.

Supporting the Environment

A cleaner, safer environment has been high on NJIT’s educational and research priorities for decades. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, the university partnered with industry in one of the nation’s leading research efforts in hazardous waste management and remediation of toxic sites. Today the emphasis has expanded to include sustainability and efforts to protect natural resources and preserve them for the future. Read more.

Around the Globe

Once a primarily local institution in the city of Newark, NJIT today collaborates with partners in every part of the world. The most dramatic example of the university’s international impact is the solar physics program. Read more

Working for Newark and New Jersey

From its beginnings more than a century ago as a technical school created to supply a skilled workforce to Newark’s industry, NJIT has expanded its interests both geographically and by discipline. As New Jersey’s science and technology university, NJIT works to provide the state with an adequate and inclusive workforce of technological professionals and technology-savvy leaders to support a 21st century economy. At the same time, the university’s research programs assist cities in such areas as transportation and housing.