A Vision for the Future

2009-2010 President's Annual Report:
A Vision for the Future

President Robert Altenkirch

A Message from the President

In the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, we define NJIT’s goals: to enhance the educational programs; to enhance and focus our research efforts; to strengthen the university’s sense of community; to enhance our financial position; to impact the economy; and to evoke an image of innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement. Read more.

Naimoli Recreational Center

Building the Campus of the Future

A safe and welcoming campus with state-of-the-art academic resources and a vibrant campus life — that’s the goal NJIT has set for the university’s physical presence in Newark. Read more.

Fostering National Recognition in Biomedicine

As the fastest growing concentration in the university, biomedicine is rapidly becoming an intrinsic part of education and research at NJIT. Encompassing health care, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals, the university’s biomedical focus draws from every department and discipline.  Read more.

Shaping the Age of "Digital Everywhere"

NJIT researchers are working to create the tools to help the digital world function and to evaluate the impact of new technologies on society.  Read more.

Excellence by Design

This year, the new school began to take its place among peer institutions at exhibits and shows, while the School of Architecture expanded its longstanding reputation for excellence through recognition of  the work of students, alumni and faculty.  Read more.

Sima Bagheri

Designing Sustainable Systems

Sustainability has long been a commitment at NJIT, even before the 1989 opening of the Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science, the first building in the nation especially constructed for cooperative public and private research in hazardous waste management. The new strategic plan encourages teaching and research programs that apply sustainability principles to building and design, manufacturing, transportation and other fields.  Read more.


Events of 2009-2010 on and off campus.  Read more.

Highlights of 2009-2010 (pdf)