To: NJIT Faculty, Students, and Staff

From: Robert A. Altenkirch, President

Date: December 10, 2002

Subject: Update on research university proposed reconfiguration and Task Force

We anticipate that later today, at a press conference in Trenton, Governor McGreevey will announce, by Executive Order, appointment of the Steering Committee of the Review and Implementation Task Force as outlined in the Report of the New Jersey Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training. In the report, the Steering Committee is referred to as the Governing Committee.

The charge of the Committee will be to:

1) review the impact of the Commission's recommendations on the three institutions (NJIT, Rutgers, and UMDNJ),

2) create a comprehensive plan for the restructuring as described in the Commission's report,

3) examine, and advise the Governor through the Chair of the Steering Committee, who is anticipated to be Dr. Vagelos, concerning the prioritization of the implementation of specific strategies to restructure the three public research universities,

4) within thirty (30) days of the first meeting of the Steering Committee, outline a proposed work plan for the preparation of an assessment and implementation plan, and,

5) within twelve (12) months of the Executive Order, deliver an assessment and implementation plan that includes, for each of the various stages of the plan, the actions required, a timeline for those actions, specific milestones and responsibilities.

NJIT Board of Trustees Chairman James Kennedy and I will be serving on the Steering Committee. Other members will be announced later today.

Executive Orders may be found at: and a link to the Commission's report is available on the NJIT web site at:

While the Executive Order has not been posted as of the time of this message, we would anticipate posting shortly.

The Provost's Cabinet and I have met to discuss details and issues that may arise during the work of the Steering Committee and to formulate some very preliminary plans concerning the proposed university.