Institute Workshop Series, Spring 2008




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Grant Institute
Finding Grant Opportunities in State and Federal Agencies

Research money is available to faculty members from a variety of governmental programs. Learn more about the agencies that have made grants to NJIT faculty, and their specific interests.

D. Sebastian

112 Eberhardt


Teaching Institute
Classroom Response System and other related teaching technologies

Classroom Response Systems are available from several manufacturers, in a range of styles and complexity. One barrier to adoption of this useful teaching aid is the difficulty of using the technology by both students and instructor. This presentation describes a trial use, in two sections of Physics II at NJIT, of a clicker system designed to be as simple and robust as possible. We demonstrate the system and describe our experiences, as well as give feedback from the students on what they thought of it. In addition, other related teaching technologies will be discussed

D. Gary, B. Haggerty, B. Reynolds

112 Eberhardt


Grant Institute
Tips on Proposal Preparation - Pre Award

How to effectively prepare grant proposals –a panel discussion on best practices by some of the more successful faculty members obtaining grants.

D. Sebastian & N. Rubio

GITC 3710


Adjunct Workshop
(start time – 4:30 PM)
Technology and Teaching

Use of technologies in teaching at NJIT –what is available, getting started, how it used and who to contact for support. This workshop will also cover ideas for using technology to help make the most efficient use of the instructor and students’ time both in and out of the classroom. This workshop will cover both hardware and software, and will include a faculty panel.

B. Haggerty, B. Reynolds, J. Bonchi

GITC 3730


Doctoral Workshop
Industry and the Doctoral Student

What are the employment opportunities for doctoral students, how to apply, and what are the expectations of industry? A panel of industry professionals will discuss these issues..

Mass/Kane and Industry panel

112 Eberhardt


Grant Institute
The Post Award Process

Congratulations, you have just won a grant award, now the work begins. Learn strategies for effective project management from project start to final report

D. Sebastian & N. Rubio

112 Eberhardt