Provost's Workshop Series - Spring 2011

All workshops are scheduled in room 112 Eberhardt, 4:00 – 5:30 PM unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Summary Presenter
Thurs, Feb. 10 The Spring’s First Moodle Moot Join us for our first Moodle user’s group, where our users can discuss their experiences with Moodle, including - what has worked well, what tricks have you learned and what changes would you like to see.  Blake Haggerty

Keith Williams

Tues, Feb. 15 Social Networking – To Tweet or not to Tweet From Twitter to Facebook and around again to YouTube students are communicating in a variety of ways, but can any of them enhance the classroom experience? Join us as we look for answers to that question. James Marko
Social and Digital Media Producer
Office of Strategic Communications
Thurs, Feb. 24 Emerging Trends in Online Research Dissemination and Collaboration

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Dr. Gruzd will discuss changing scholarly communication and publishing practices online, including data gathered in an ongoing study of how and why academics are using social media tools.

Co-sponsored by the NJIT ADVANCE Project.


Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd,
Assistant Professor, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University, Canada, and consultant to the NJIT ADVANCE Project
Mon, Mar. 7 Cloud Computing at NJIT: Classroom and Research Opportunities

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This session will review cloud services at NJIT and explain some of the opportunities faculty have for utilizing cloud based services, lifting some of the restrictions of campus-based equipment, or lack thereof. David Ullman
Assoc Provost for Information Technology and CIO
Friday, Mar. 11 Adjunct Users Group This user group meeting will be a follow-up to the 2010 fall Adjunct Workshop.  We would like to give you the opportunity to continue conversations with some of the NJIT support staff, find out what is going well, discuss ways that NJIT can better serve you, discuss best practices with seasoned adjuncts as well as answer questions that you may have.  Staff of Instructional Technology and Media Services, Academic Computing and University Information Systems
Friday March 25

3730 GITC
11:30 – 1:00

Improving Student Success through Targeted Strategies There are several national level reports that clearly articulate the need for an increase in the number of scientists and engineers in the U.S.  There are two primary vehicles for achieving this increase—attracting more students to these fields or retaining those who have expressed an interest in the fields. The retention piece of this is in some ways the larger of the two problems. If we do the work of attracting an increased number of STEM students, but bring them into an environment that is unwelcoming and sometimes downright hostile, the increased numbers of students will leave and we will have made no real progress. Dr. Sheryl Sorby has been involved in the development and delivery of several programs aimed at improving student success and retention. This talk will outline four of the programs either created or expanded through Dr. Sorby’s direction that have led to increases in student retention. The common theme of these programs has been active student engagement through strategies targeted to the needs of specific groups. Dr. Sheryl Sorby

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University

Mon, Mar. 28 OpenCourseware Consortium

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This presentation will cover how instructors can locate and use OpenCourseware Consortium material sin their classes.  It will also outline the work that was involved with NJIT becoming a member of the Open CourseWare Consortium (OCWC). The OCW is collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions from around the world that make available high quality free and open educational materials in a digital format. The presenters will discuss in detail how to locate and use material as well as the obstacles that needed to be overcome (legal, political and technical) before NJIT could make course materials open to the world. In addition to exploring the benefits of participating in this consortium, we will also discuss how instructors can participate. Blake Haggerty
Wed, Mar,.30

Faculty/Staff Dining Hall

A Successful Model for Learning Communities at a Research I University For the past fifteen years, the Learning Communities program has played an important role in the retention and academic success of students at Iowa State University (ISU). The ISU program was intentionally structured as a partnership between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. Learning communities enable students to interact more closely with faculty and staff, engage in service-learning and/or co-curricular activities, and assist in the overall acclimation of students to the university. Learning communities have provided over 35,000 ISU students with the opportunity to connect academically and socially with others in their major or area of interest since 1995. ISU has over 4,000 students currently in learning communities this year.  Seventy-one percent of all first year ISU students are in a learning community. Additionally, over 300 peer mentors provide leadership and support to those enrolled in a learning community each year. The retention and graduation rates of learning community students are consistently higher than those of students not participating in a learning community. The average annual tuition and fee revenue generated from the increased retention is over $3,000,000 each year. Learning community students report high levels of satisfaction with their peer mentors and overall Iowa State experience.

This workshop will provide an overview of Learning Communities and then focus on audience questions and issues. 

Dr. Steven K. Mickelson

Director Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Dr. Steven Mickelson is a Professor and Associate Chair in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department at Iowa State University.  He also is the Director for the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and the Co-Director for Learning Communities. He has been involved with coordinating and administering LC for over 14 years.

Thurs, Apr. 7

4:15 pm

Student Engagement in the Classroom: A Panel Discussion

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This will be a panel discussion where a number of Master Teachers will discuss strategies for engaging students.  This distinguished panel will discuss both traditional as well as web-enhanced methods for helping students embrace course materials.

Ron Rockland
Professor and Chair, Department of Engineering Technology

Basil Baltzis
Professor, Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Roumiana Petrova
University Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science

Glenn Goldman 
Professor and Director, School of Art + Design


Wed, April 13 Service Learning at NJIT

A Nuts and Bolts Session for Integrating Civic Engagement into the Classroom

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At NJIT, Service Learning offers a connection between technology focused academics and civic engagement based experiences. Service learning is a significant pedagogy that enhances NJIT’s mission of teaching, research, and service, and enhances the professional and personal development of our students.   This session will offer a comprehensive overview of the many benefits associated with service learning and cover the materials for those interested in integrating service learning into their courses.   The session will be facilitated by representatives of Career Development Services (CDS).  Since 1990, CDS has provided service-learning support for faculty who recognize the added benefit of learning through engagement. Greg Mass & Vivian Lanzot
Wed., April 20 Maintaining Academic Integrity The Dean of Students Office and the Student Senate will discuss current issues regarding Academic Integrity. Both entities will present current data relating to the topic and will facilitate a discussion to finish.  Dean Jack Gental

Dominick Cirillo
Student Senate President