Assistant or Associate or Professor of Physics

There are two positions for this department:  Position 1   |   Position 2

Faculty Position in Solar Physics, Director of Big Bear Solar Observatory

 (Job posting #0601252; Apply now)

A senior faculty position as Director of Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO, is available within the Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research (CSTR) and the Physics Department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).  Appointment is anticipated at the rank of Full Professor of Physics with tenure.  At present, there are 19 tenure track/tenured faculty in the NJIT Physics Department – including 6 members which compose CSTR.  CSTR operates a number of major ground-based observing facilities around the world and also has an expanding presence on campus in Newark, NJ.  These remote facilities, which include the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO), with the largest aperture solar telescope, the Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA), the Second-generation Optimized Fabry-Pérot Doppler Imager (SOFDI) in Peru, and the Automated Geophysical Observatories (AGO) distributed across the Antarctic iceshelf, give NJIT unique observational facilities in optical-infrared and radio solar astronomy, as well as low, middle and upper atmospheric observations – enabling studies spanning the Sun’s surface through its extended atmosphere and on the Earth’s atmosphere.  Further, CSTR is a PI organization in the Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) mission of the NASA Living With a Star (LWS) program.  CSTR is home to 11 post-docs/research faculty and 10 Ph.D. students.  For a full overview of NJIT's program in solar and terrestrial physics, please visit 

Applicants for the position of Director of BBSO (17 staff in residence) are required to have a Ph.D. in Physics or closely related discipline, as well as relevant scientific and leadership experience.  Full consideration will be given to all applications received before January 15, 2013.  When applying, please include a resume, a brief statement of your interests and goals, and the names of three to five references. Applications will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible.  NJIT is a public research university and is an equal opportunity, affirmative-action employer.  To apply go to and search using posting number 0601252.

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Physics  (Job posting # 0601234; Apply now)

Full-time, tenure-track appointment at the level of Assistant Professor.

Appropriate areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, research focusing on Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Energy, Materials Science, Optics or Solar/Terrestrial Astrophysics, with emphasis on handling the multi-terabyte data sets, and have potential in contributing to development of energy systems. 

Candidates must possess a strong portfolio of sponsored research as well as a strong enthusiasm and ability to teach broadly. 

Additional Functions: Serve on Department and University Committees. Carry out a combination of peer-reviewed research and scholarly and creative work in support of candidate's pursuit of tenure. 

Prerequisite Qualifications: Demonstrated track record in obtaining external funding.

Preferred Qualifications: The successful candidate will contribute to and enhance existing research and educational programs in the Physics Department, demonstrates strong track record in one of the key research areas in the department as listed above (Biophysics, Materials Science, Optics or Solar/Terrestrial Astrophysics), and must also be an expert in the development of innovative computational methods in handling large experimental and/or modeling data sets.

At the university's discretion, the education and experience prerequisites may be excepted where the candidate can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the university, an equivalent combination of education and experience specifically preparing the candidate for success in the position. 

NJIT is a public research university and is an equal opportunity, affirmative-action employer.  To apply go to and search using posting number 0601234.