Foundation Chairs, Professorships and Sponsored Chairs

  • Yeshekel Bar-Ness, PhD
    Foundation Professor of Communications & Signal Processing
  • Alok Chakrabarti, PhD
    Foundation Chair, Management of Technology
  • Gregory Kriegsmann, PhD
    Foundation Chair in Applied Mathematics
  • William V. Rapp, PhD
    Henry J. Leir Chair in International Trade and Business
  • Kamalesh Sirkar, PhD
    Foundation Chair of Membrane Seperations


  • William C. Van Buskirk, PhD
    Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Daniel Watts, PhD
    Panasonic Endowed Chair of Sustainability
  • Richard Greene, PhD
    Becton Dickinson Research Professorship in Public Health
  • Robert Lynch, PhD
    Jim Wise Professor of Theater and Dramatic Literature