IRB Forms and Protocols

Human Subject Research

Process for Human Subject Research Approval

The process for getting human subjects approved by the IRB is as follows:

  1. Investigators (faculty, staff, or students with a faculty sponsor) must submit a formal application to the IRB in advance of carrying out ANY research involving human subjects. The application form and an informed consent template can be downloaded in MS-WORD or PDF format below. Once completed, the initial review and consent forms should be submitted to the chair of the IRB whose contact information is listed below. When approved by the IRB, the research may proceed for one year and may be renewed in the 11th month by submitting a Periodic Review Form to the IRB.  The Periodic Review Form is also available for download below. Written notification must be submitted to the IRB as soon as possible when approved research has been completed.

    Projects involving minimal risk to subjects may be reviewed through expedited review. Complex projects and those that may involve greater than minimal risk are reviewed by the full IRB Committee that meets monthly.  Greater than minimal risk projects approved by the IRB must also be approved, before initiation, by NJIT’s Vice President for Research and Senior Vice President for Administration.

    The determination of whether a project is to be reviewed by the expedited process or the full IRB Committee process is a decision of the IRB, not the investigator.  If you are uncertain whether a study requires IRB review, please contact the IRB Chairperson to discuss it.
  2. Investigators must complete an on-line course in human subjects protection prior to initiating a human subjects research project.  A certificate of completion must be submitted with your application.  There are two ways Investigators can take the on-line course.

    a) The course is available on the website of the Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP).  There are 3 modules that must be completed.  For NIH investigator training, please see

    b) Investigators can take the CITI training course which includes a module on human subjects.  This can be found at . All faculty and student researchers are required to complete Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) course as required by NSF, NIH and federal agencies. 


Projects involving web-based surveys should meet the guidelines approved by the NJIT IRB. Click here to view these requirements.

Projects involving students as subjects should meet the guidelines approved by the NJIT IRB. Click here to view these requirements.

Individuals conducting research at NJIT must adhere to the conflict of interest policy approved by the NJIT IRB. Click here to view these requirements.

Recruitment materials for study subjects must adhere to NJIT branding guidelines.  Click here to to view these guidelines.  Click here for a recruitment flier template.


Human Subject Research Initial Review Form – Microsoft Word

Human Subject Research Annual Review/Revisions Form – Microsoft Word

Contact Information

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the IRB Chairperson, Horacio G. Rotstein.

Completed forms should be submitted to:

Horacio G. Rotstein, PhD
IRB Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone:(973) 596-8460