NJIT's Google Search Appliance

GoogleSince October 2005, NJIT has used a Google Search Appliance to improve information retrieval on our websites.

Quick facts about NJIT's Google Search Appliance installation:

  • It uses the same search technology as google.com.
  • It is gigabit attached to our network for optimal indexing and searching speeds.
  • It is self-contained at NJIT; no data is transmitted back to Google or google.com.  It does not "phone home", nor send usage statistics to Google.
  • It continuously crawls content and constantly refreshes its index.  It automatically determines which content is updated frequently, and therefore crawls that content more often. It currently indexes over 300,000 documents, and more are added every day.
  • It runs a Linux kernel modified by Google, often referred to as "Google Linux".



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is Google's Image search? I love that feature!
    So do we, and it was part of our initial request to Google.  Unfortunately, Google Images is not available for their enterprise customers; it is only available at google.com.
  • Does NJIT's Google Search Appliance support all of the advanced searching features that google.com does?
    Yup.  We recommend starting with your search query in a basic search, and then click the Advanced Search link at the top of the search engine results page to narrow it down.  Explicit help on searching is available at the Google Help Center (http://www.google.com/support/).
  • How do I add a page to Google's index?  How do I remove pages?
    Since the Google Search Appliance continuously crawls NJIT web sites, adding pages to the search index happens automatically .  If your content is linked to from a page in the index, Google will find it.

    The robustness of our search index is directly related to the number of pages in the index.  The more pages, the more the Google Search Appliance "learns" our content and provides more relevant search results.  We generally only remove content from the search index that: poses a security risk, is factually incorrect, violates copyright or other laws, or is a subset of content not marked for indexing.
  • Why don't we use Google's free search service provided to universities?
    Put simply, Google's free search hosting doesn't come close to fulfilling the needs of the NJIT community.  We needed advanced features that were not provided, such as explicit crawl parameters, support for POSIX regular expressions, multiple host support, and many others.  Perhaps most importantly, the free service only crawls content once a month, and that just isn't good enough for us.


If you have questions regarding content in the search index please contact google@njit.edu.