How-To: People Listing

How to edit your "People" pages in Site Studio

People at NJIT


1 - Grouping Zone

Use this button to create a new group. You can create as many groups as needed!

2 - Group Heading

In this field, enter a title for each individual group. Some examples would be: Administrators, Professors, Adjunct Faculty, etc.

3 - Sort Options

In this field, choose a sort type for the faculty to appear in each group; either "Alphabetic" or "Leave As Is".
NOTE: If "Leave As Is" is selected, faculty pictures will appear in the order as the UCIDs are entered.

4 - Format

In this field, choose the format of the information that appears next to each image. The format only applies to each individual group. There are 4 different types of formats that you can use for any given group: [Phone + Email], [Title + Phone + Email], [Phone + Email + Office + Office Hours], [Title + Phone + Email + Office + Office Hours]. See Additional Note Below.

5 - UCIDs

UCIDs should be entered in this field. Profiles will appear based on your preferences in (3) Sort Options.

6 - Delete Box

Click on this box to remove a group.
NOTE: Groups will not be removed immediately! They will disappear once the page has been saved. A group marked for deletion will be shaded out.

7 - Group Sort

Use these buttons to move a group either up or down if you have created more than one group.

Additional Note: Faculty Titles MUST be modified by each individual faculty member! To do so, log in with your UCID at, and follow the link to "Edit My Profile".