University Club Policies and Procedures

Please note that the following draft-document has yet to be approved by the University Club's Operations Board.  Please contact the Office of Special Events for additional information at (973) 596-5625.


The NJIT University Club was established in 2005 to provide a private social setting for alumni, trustees, overseers, faculty, staff, and university affiliates.  The purpose of the facility is to host functions that promote NJIT while enhancing its image and academic mission.


  • University Club membership is available to alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, and affiliates of NJIT.
  • For additional membership information, click here.


  • All Meetings and Special Event reservations are made through the Office of Special Events.
  • The Club Room may be closed daily without notice.
  • Luncheon parties for 12 or more guests require a South Lounge or Meeting Room reservation.
  • See Hours of Operation page for additional information.


  • Only members of the NJIT University Club may sponsor an event in Club facilities.  Sponsoring members must follow all policies and procedures of the Club.
  • Meeting and Special Event reservations for Club facilities must be arranged through the Office of Special Events.  The Director of Special Events must approve all reservations.
  • Club facilities are not to be used for standard classroom activities.  To arrange for appropriate classroom space in campus facilities, contact the Campus Center administrative offices at 973-596-3600.



  • Maximum single reservation allowed –12 people at no more than 2 tables.  (For larger groups, please reserve Meeting Room or South Lounge.)

MEETING ROOM (Eberhardt 112)

  • Sit-down dinner: 80 guests (seated at up to 8-rounds of 10)
  • Buffet dinner: 60 guests
  • Row seating: 80 guests
  • Conference with tables and chairs: 54 guests
  • Conference with a “U” setup: 24 guests


  • Casual seating for 15 guests. Furniture (sofas, chairs, glass tables) cannot be rearranged in North Lounge.


  • Luncheon:  Maximum of 21 guests at three round tables
  • Conference-style:  16 guests with one rectangular conference-style


 The fees for private events held in the NJIT University Club are as follows:

a)  Room rental fees

  • Club Room..........$250*
  • South Lounge......$200*
  • North Lounge......$150*
  • Meeting Room.....$300*

* Charges include a room set-up and breakdown fee.

b)  Additional Fees: Security, Catering, Media Services, and Parking.  Additional cleaning services as required or requested.

c)  Reduced fees apply for NJIT departments hosting events promoting the mission of the university.  In order to qualify as a departmental event, all charges for the event must be credited to a budget account number of the department.

Please note: host and/or guests are not permitted to move furniture.  Any furniture requiring relocation must be approved in advance by the Office of Special Events and coordinated through NJIT’s Physical Plant.

All estimated fees are to be paid by check, payable to New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), two weeks prior to the date of the event.  Any additional fees incurred at the event will be due within 30 days following the event.  If the reservation is canceled, the host will be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by NJIT in preparation for the event.


1.  Members and their guests must adhere to the NJIT University Club’s policies at all times.

2.  Proper attire is required in Club facilities at all times.  Those failing to comply will be asked to leave the premises.  The judgment of the representative of the NJIT Office of Special Events, or absent that person, the NJIT catering service representative shall be final.

3.  A parent, guardian, or responsible adult must accompany any child under 18 years of age in Club facilities.  Unescorted children are not permitted in the Club.

4. NJIT is a non-smoking campus.  No smoking is allowed in Club facilities.

5.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is only permitted during Club operation hours and for special events as approved under Event Scheduling.   In accordance with State law, alcoholic beverages shall not be served to any persons younger than 21 years of age.  At no time will NJIT catering service personnel (GDS) be permitted to serve an alcoholic beverage to a person deemed to be under the influence of alcohol. 

6.  The sponsoring Club member must sign and comply with a Special Event Contract.

7.  All sponsoring Club members and their event vendors must comply with all NJIT insurance requirements.

8.  To ensure compliance with appropriate tax regulations, availability of the facility is subject to applicable tax regulations.

9.  The sponsoring Club member is responsible for coordinating with the NJIT Department of Public Safety for facility access and to lock up at the conclusion of an event.

10.  All food and beverages served in Club facilities must be provided solely and exclusively by NJIT's catering service company (GDS).  As a private contractor, GDS will directly bill the sponsoring Club member.

11.  Events with amplified sound or music may only be scheduled at times that do not conflict with or disrupt office business or scheduled classes.

12.  In no event may decorations be taped, tacked or otherwise attached to anything in the building.  Smoke, confetti, bubble machines or any similar device are not allowed in Club facilities.

13.  Sponsoring Club members will be held responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests in Club facilities.  Neither NJIT nor its employees will be held responsible for any article or personal property lost, stolen, or damaged, belonging to a Club member or their guest.

14. University Club policies and procedures may be amended by the Operations Board without notice.



The University Club is governed by the University Club Operating Committee as set forth in Article V, Section 5.3 of the By-Laws of the One-Fifty Bleeker Street, Inc. corporation.

5.3 University Club Operating Committee

A.   The University Club Operating Committee shall consist of seven (7) members. Ex officio members shall include: the Director of Special Events; the Associate Treasurer; the Associate Vice President for Advancement; and the Executive Director of Alumni Relations, all of the University. Such members shall serve until they are removed or replaced from their University positions. Additionally, there shall be three (3) members appointed by the President of the Corporation for one (1) year renewable terms, to include: one (1) member of the University's faculty; one (1) member of the University's Alumni body; and one (1) member of the University's administrative staff.

B.   The University Club Operating Committee shall meet at least semi-annually, and at such other times as may be called by the Committee Chair or any four (4) members.

C.   The University Club Operating Committee shall have a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Secretary. One person may fill more than one position, with the exception of the Chair and Vice-Chair.

D.   The Secretary of the University Club Operating Committee will coordinate Committee meetings and maintain meeting records with the Secretary of the Corporation.