Welcome to the First Year Program which connects first year students with one another, with faculty and staff, with academic departments, and with other NJIT students and resources.

The First Year Program has three exciting components:

1. First Year Connections

First Year Connections is an introductory one-day orientation program for all incoming first year students. It is organized around academic majors and colleges, so when you go to First Year Connections you will immediately connect with other students in your academic program. You will join a group of 10-15 new students that will be lead by a Connections Peer Leader.

In large and small groups, you will learn all about NJIT, the people, the resources, and the many ways that you can connect with everything you need for success.

You will begin new friendships and learn more about college life. You will also meet your Dean, your academic advisor or departmental representative, receive your placement testing results, and learn all about your academic program.

First Year Connections continues through the summer in a virtual way, with your Connections Peer Leader keeping you connected with one another as you prepare for the year ahead.  You will then return in August for an extended orientation to help you get adjust to your new campus community.

You will be invited to First Year Connections when you have completed your admissions deposit.  Participation is required of all new full-time undergraduate students.

2.   First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar is the introductory course to your life at NJIT and beyond. The in-class sessions will help you to transition to your new life as an NJIT student and as an independent adult. Expect to learn a lot about yourself and your career.

Several of the first year seminar topics include: your rights and responsibilities as a student; communication skills; ethics of a college student; time management; study skills; and working successfully in a group.

Seminar will culminate with setting goals with your advisor for your academic and professional development.

3. Connections Events and Traditions

First Year Connections events and traditions extend throughout the academic year. Organized by peer leaders, events and traditions include a wide range of programs and activities. These include small scale events (bowling, going to the movies or having a study session), as well as large scale programs such as First Year Convocation, First Year Weekend, and NJIT Day.

Also planned are field trips to local museums, historic sites, professional sports events at Prudential Center, Newark and New York City, as well as field trips and community service projects.

All of these programs, large scale and small, connect students in a variety of contexts.

Contact Information

Center for First Year Students • 280 Campus Center • Phone: 973-596-2981 • Fax: 973-642-4782 • Email: firstyearstudents@njit.edu

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