First Year Connections New Student Orientation

elcome to NJIT! First Year Connections (FYC) is the required, two-part orientation for incoming first year students. You will develop and embrace a connection with the university to provide a smooth transition from high school to college. Part one of orientation, FYC 1.0 is two-day, overnight program that occurs in June (August for out-of-state and international students). FYC 2.0 is a two-day program that is held in August. Both are required for incoming first-year students.

FYC 1.0

FYC 1.0, part one of NJIT’s orientation experience, is a two-day, overnight program that will help you to get acquainted with academic life, make new friends, and grasp the opportunities and responsibilities that come along with being a member of the NJIT university community. This part of the program will give you the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor, know your resources, become familiar with NJIT traditions, and make friends with your incoming class. Student will be invited to attend FYC 1.0 in June (or August for out-of-state/international students) after taking the placement test or qualifying for an exemption based on an AP Calculus score of 4 or 5 or Calculus I transfer credit.

FYC 2.0

During FYC 2.0, you will experience a variety of meaningful programs and activities at the start of the semester. This continued orientation will introduce you to your First Year Seminar or CS 107 cohort, issues related to campus life, the diverse resources at NJIT, and community service opportunities.This will also be a move-in day for most first-year students.

We are excited to meet and welcome you to your new community! For more information about FYC, contact us at

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