Forms and Printed Materials

The following provides a selection of forms for various aspects of graduate studies at NJIT. To use a form, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Fill in the writable sections of the PDF form
  2. Print the form and acquire the required signatures.
  3. Keep a copy for your records.
  4. Bring the signed original to the Office of Graduate Studies, Fenster Hall, Suite 140.​

Academic Forms - Graduate Studies 

Transfer Credit and Certificate Requests

  • Prior Approval Credit Request Form for Credits to be Taken (.PDF)
  • Transfer Credit Request Form (.PDF)
  • Graduate Certificate Request Form (online)

Accelerated Program Approval Forms

  • BS/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BA/MA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BS/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BS/Ph.D. Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BArch/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BArch/MIP Approval Form (.PDF)  
  • BArch/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MIP Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MS/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MSM/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MS/MS Approval Form (.PDF)

Thesis and Dissertation Milestone Reports

Please read the information in the two following links: 

Composition of the Ph.D. Dissertation Committee

Composition of the Master’s Thesis Committee

  • MS Thesis Committee Appointment Report (.PDF) - Must be submitted before scheduling the Thesis Final Defense. 
  • MS Thesis Final Defense Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Appointment Report (.PDF) - Must be submitted before scheduling the PhD Research Proposal Defense. 
  • Ph.D. Research Proposal Defense Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Final Dissertation Defense Report (.PDF)

​Academic Forms - Registrar

  • Change of Program Form (.PDF) - New MS students are expected to remain in their program at least two months before requesting a change in program
  • Approval for Undergraduate to Register for Graduate Courses (.PDF)
  • Application for Graduation (.PDF)
  • Course Repetition - Graduate students must request approval (from the graduate advisor) to repeat a course. The grade received in a repeated course will replace the original grade in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average, although the first grade will still appear on the transcript. A maximum of two courses may be repeated. Students who receive an F in a course will be required to repeat the course. Course repetition can only be used for the original course, cannot be used for courses with U/S grades and may not be used after graduation. Course repetition does not impact tuition and fees.