United Parcel Service

The Mail Center handles all outgoing United Parcel Service (UPS) shipments. Incoming UPS packages are received daily by Physical Plant at the Tiernan Loading Dock. Packages to be sent out via United Parcel should be delivered to the Mail Center along with typed address label showing the recipient and the sender. UPS will not accept packages covered with wrapping paper.

These packages are picked up each afternoon by United Parcel and must be in the mailroom by 12:00 noon to make the same day pickup.

Any packages returned to the original shipper must be sent to the Mail Center with a new mailing label showing the vendor, delivery address and ZIP codes. Each department must assume the cost for packages returned unless prior arrangements have been made with the original shipper and an appropriate pick-up number is provided.

Important Times

12:00 noon Package must be in the Mail Center for UPS pick-up
2:45 p.m.    Final mail due in Mail Center for same day Post Office delivery.
4:15 p.m.  Postage meters are closed for the day.