Mail Center Services

Mailing Requisitions

A Bulk Mailing Requisition form must accompany any bulk mailings. These forms are available through the Mail Center.  Mailing Requisitions must be sent to the Mail Manager showing complete details of your requirements and, if available, samples of your mailing pieces.

For information on prices for services please contact Office Services at ext. 3191.

Standard Bulk Mail Discount Program

NJIT offers an optional discounted bulk mailing program for mailings consisting of a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of the same item.

Depending on your delivery needs and advanced planning, this program can reduce your postage costs considerably. Postage cost reductions can run as high as 50% of that for individual piece rates. However, allowance must be made for possible extended delivery times. Third class bulk mail usually arrives at its destination within 7-10 days, but the USPS will make no guarantees.

First Class Bulk Mailings

The university bulk mailing permit may also be used to mail items at First Class postal rates. Even though using the First Class permit does not save on your departmental postage costs, it does save time and labor in the Mail Center. Each piece of your mailing does not have to be individually metered by our personnel. Requirements for using the permit for First Class are the same as those for standard mail shown previously. However, your mail will be processed by the postal service in the same time frame as any other First Class material.

Bulk Mailing Guidelines

To assist you in planning your large scale mailings, please note the following:

  1. Upon receipt of a mailing requisition and appropriate material each job will be given a place in the queue and a mail date projected.
  2. This projected mail date will depend on complexity of the job, staffing levels and work back-log in the inventory. If the date exceeds the time frames listed below, the coordinator will notify the department by phone.

The time frames listed below are for guidance only:

Size of Mailing Time frame
Up to 1,000 pieces 2 working days
1,001 to 5,000 pieces 3 working days

For bulk mailings over 5,000 pieces and all large first class mailings, please call the Manager, ext. 3191, for scheduling information. Allow an additional time for USPS delivery after your mailing has been processed by the Mail Center.

When using an outside mailing house and the NJIT permit please give the Manager at least a one week notice to assure sufficient funds are on deposit with the U.S. Post Office. Outside mailing houses should be instructed to call the Manager on the day prior to dispatch.


The Mail Center has automated equipment to label your envelopes. We can process mailing lists printed either on self-adhesive address labels, ink-jet printer or four-across Chesire labels provided through the computing center.

Labels should be provided to the manager in ZIP code sequence accompanied by a mailing requisition.


The insertion of correspondence, reprints, and other printed matter (in excess of 100 pieces) into regular envelopes or window envelopes is available. Our automatic equipment can handle up to four standard size inserts at once. Any mailings with more than four inserts or large size envelopes requires hand inserting in the Mail Center so be sure to allow sufficient time for your mailing to be processed.


Automatic sealing of standard size gummed envelopes is provided by the Mail Center. For ten or more envelopes requiring sealing, leave the flaps open, nest into each other and then secure the envelopes with an elastic band.


A limited supply of recycled cartons are sometimes available. The Mail Center will prepare, package, process and mail each item. Your item must be accompanied by department name or account #. This service cannot be extended for the shipment of personal items.