Membership 2017-2018

Voting membership 2017-2018

Name Title/Constituency Group
Basil Baltzis Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Student Services
Marybeth Boger Dean of Students and Campus Life
Homer Bonitsis Faculty Senate
Ray Cassetta* Alumni Association
Praloy Choudhury Graduate Student
Andrew Christ VP for Real Estate & Capital Development
Dominique Clarke* Staff Council
Fadi Deek* Provost and Sr. Exec. Vice President
Karen Franck Faculty Senate
Jim Geller Faculty Senate
Louis Hamilton Dean, ADHC
Carol Johnson* Faculty Senate
Moshe Kam Dean, NCE
Scott Kent* Lecturers & Educators Congress
Andrew Klobucar Faculty Senate President
Moshe Kam Dean, NCE
Scott Kent* Adjunct Professor
Andrew Klobucar Professor
Sam Lieber Faculty Senate
Eliza Michalopoulou Faculty Senate Vice President
Siva Nadimpalli Faculty Senate
Mark Neubauer* Student Senate
Peter Petropoulos Faculty Senate
Karen Quackenbush Staff Council
Catherine Siemann Lecturers and Educators Congress
Laurent Simon Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Manish Singh Graduate Student Association
Maria Stanko Lecturers & Educators Congress
Sotiri Ziavras Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
*Executive Committee member 2017-2018
Non-Voting Ex-Officio members of University Senate
Name Title/Constituency Group
Ken Alexo Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
Kevin Belfield Dean, CSLA
Ed Bishof Sr. VP for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Joel Bloom President
Reggie Caudill Dean, MTSM
Atam Dhawan Senior Vice Provost for Research
Angela Garretson Special Assistant to the President for Policy & Government Relations
Matthew Golden Chief Strategy Officer
Craig Gotsman Dean, YWCC
Chitra Iyer VP for Human Resources
Tony Schuman Interim Dean, CoAD
Donald Sebastian Senior VP for Technology and Business Development/NJII President