Questions About Human Resources For Grants

Where do I get forms for student employment?

Forms for undergraduate students (and for graduate students who will get hourly pay) are available from the Career Development Office on the fifth floor of Campbell Hall. Forms for graduate stipend are available from the Office of Graduate Studies, in the basement of Eberhardt Hall.

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Must a student be from NJIT to work on an NJIT grant?

All graduate student employment at NJIT (whether the graduate student is from NJIT or elsewhere) should be approved through the Office of Graduate Studies. Undergraduate employment should be processed through the Student Employment Office. Generally, students may not be employed at NJIT unless they are registered for classes at NJIT. Due to requirements of specific education and training grants, some flexibility in use of students from outside of NJIT may be required in staffing those grants. Principal Investigators should consult with the Office of Graduate Studies in the case of an education and training grant (e.g., Upward Bound).

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When and how should I do a Personnel Requisition?

A Personnel Requisition should be processed for every new position that is expected to last more than six months. A personnel requisition may be required also for some shorter-duration positions; consult the Human Resources Department. Human Resources is the source for Personnel Requisition forms. The principal investigator is responsible to initiate the Personnel Requisition. The account number from which the position will be paid should be indicated on the Personnel Requisition. Department, dean and Provost approval signatures should be obtained on the Personnel Requisition, prior to processing by the Budget Department. Ideally, the Personnel Requisition should be processed prior to the Personnel Action Form.

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What are the steps in processing a Personnel Action Form (PAF) or a Personnel Requisition?

 A PAF for employment on a grant is initiated by the Principal Investigator. Additional required signatures are the Department Head, the Dean and the appropriate Vice President. A PAF should indicate the identity of the payee (name, address and SSN), the payment duration, the amount of payment (either total payment or payment per period), and the accounts to be charged (and proportions to be charged to each account).

A PAF with these signatures and data is sent to the Budget Department. It is date-stamped and logged-in at the front desk of the Budget Department upon receipt. Call ext. 3125 to check whether PAF got to Budget Department. Grant PAFs are then reviewed by Grant and Contract Services to ensure allowability of the expense, reasonableness of the expense, availability of the account, sufficiency of the budget balance available, and whether fringe benefits are allowed. Similarly, non-grant PAFs are reviewed by the Budget Department. After review, the Budget Department opens a position in the Human Resources System (a parallel system to Financial Records System) for the pay transactions indicated by the PAF. Positions are open only through the end of a fiscal year, or through the end of a grant increment, or until the end of a visa, whichever is shorter. The PAF is then logged out of Budget Department, and delivered to Human Resources Department.

A payroll assignment is made by Human Resources Department, based upon the PAF. Finally, the PAF is sent to Payroll Department, where the assignment is verified, and deductions such as taxes, are arranged.

Note that prior to a PAF, a Personnel Requisition Form (PRF) may be necessary. A PRF is needed, for example, if a new position is being established or a new employee is being hired. Human Resources Department can help you with a determination about whether a PRF is necessary in any particular case. The PRF is routed in a similar way to the PAF, except that the Office of Compliance and Training, and the Office of International Students and Faculty Services are additional processing points for a PRF. The PRF should be processed before the PAF is processed. Sometimes an attempt is made to process a PAF and a PRF simultaneously. Because the two forms have different routing, the simultaneous-processing strategy can cause confusion or delay.

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What are some common errors on PAFs?

PAFs may not extend past the end of a fiscal year. PAFs should cite the dollar amount to be paid, as a total or rate (e.g., don't write "one month" on the PAF). PAFs should cite the correct accounts and object codes - be careful to use cost-sharing object codes where appropriate. PAFs may not extend past the end date of an account cited on the PAF. PAFs should show the allocation of the total charges to each of the accounts and object codes involved.

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How do I make up from a Sponsored Program the 20% reduction in my Academic Year (AY) base pay during sabbatical?

If your sponsored program has budget for full-time salaries and fringe benefits, then process PAF under object code 1007 to charge the sponsored program up to 20% of your (AY) base pay during sabbatical for work on the sponsored program. Mark "SABBATICAL" in the upper margin of the PAF.

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How can work for a government agency be arranged for NJIT an employee?

The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) is a federal law to facilitate assignments of university or government personnel to work temporarily in other government entities. To participate, you would have to be an NJIT employee for at least 90 days. You will remain an employee of NJIT while serving at the government job. NJIT would pay your salary and fringe benefits, and invoice the government for reimbursement of those expenses.

IPA expenses are accounted for as a grant, through Grant and Contract Services. The IPA agreement is negotiated between Office of Sponsored Programs and the government agency. It is assumed that you have obtained approval from your Department Head and Dean before approaching OSP with an IPA proposal.

It is NJIT policy that fringe benefits on IPA agreements are charged to the government agency at NJIT's applicable aggregate fringe benefit rate. Contact Budget Department for the NJIT fringe benefit rate applicable to the assignment.

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