Dec 23-Jan 23 Late Registration For Continuing Students ($100 Fee):
Jan 10              Spring Bill Due (If register 12/06-12/20)
Jan 16              Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan 17              Spring Bill Due (If register 12/23-01/03)
Jan 17              First day of Spring classes
Jan 17           Schedule change Fee effective
Jan 23              Last day to add/drop a class
Jan 23              Last day for 100% refund
Jan 24             W grades posted for all Withdrawals
Jan 30              Last day for a 90% refund based on partial withdrawal
Feb 13             Last day for a 50% refund based on a complete withdrawal
Mar 5               Last day for a 25%  refund based on a complete withdrawal
Mar 11-18       Spring recess no classes scheduled, University open
Mar 20            Withdrawal deadline
Apr 6               Good Friday-No Classes
Apr 7               Saturday classes meet
Apr 16             Summer & Fall Registration Begins
May 1              Classes Follow a Friday schedule
May 2              Reading day
May 3-9          Final Exams
May 15           Graduation Commencement Ceremony