NJIT Alternative Spring Break 2014: (Re)Build New Jersey

Where the Best Foundations Are Laid New Jersey Strong

Spring Break in New Jersey!

Last year, over 600 people registered to volunteer at NJIT’s first Alternative Spring Break. The main goal was to help those affected by Super Storm Sandy. Some volunteers and clubs continued to support the organizations, agencies, and communities after the impact made during their spring break.

Today, there are still thousands of people who are still rebuilding and repairing their homes and businesses. There are still hundreds of communities that could benefit from clean-ups and enhancements to parks, beaches, and other public spaces.

For 2014, we are going to continue where we left off last year. Dedicate a couple of hours out of your spring break to make a difference. You might be able to make a difference in your hometown.

Click here to create an account on the new NJIT MyPassport and then signup for Alternative Spring Break 2014. If you need assistance or have a question, click here.

We hope to see you there, and remember, NJIT is "Where the Best Foundations Are Laid New Jersey Strong".

As weve said, its where the best foundations are laid New Jersey Strong!