Hardship Appeals Process

The Hardship Committee is comprised of administrators from the offices of Finance, Financial Aid, Dean of Students, Academic Affairs, and the Bursar.  This committee reviews all applications submitted and makes a determination to accept or reject the appeal as submitted.  The decision of the committee is final and binding and the matter cannot be appealed again.  The committee has the privilege to provide credits/refunds as deemed appropriate on a case by case basis, however the general procedure lists below instances in which a refund or credit would be considered.

REFUND-Applications for appeal for a REFUND will be considered for the following reasons:

  • Student withdrew due to a documented medical or mental health issue for self or close family relative (accident, illness, serious injury, etc.).
  • Student withdrew due to documented death of close family relative. (Student must submit documentation of the death, such as an obituary or a copy of the death certificate.)

CREDIT-Applications for appeal for a CREDIT-will be considered for Late Payment Fees, Late Payment Plan Fees, Late Submission of Health Insurance Waiver, or Late Registration Fees.  Applications for Credits will not be considered once the semester has ended.

  • There are only two valid reasons why a fees will be CREDITED  and it is incumbent on the student to prove that the assessment of the fee was the direct result of one of these two reasons. The student must prove either:

1. University error

2. Extraordinary Circumstances that were beyond the control of the student 

New Jersey Institute of Technology will assist students who struggle with unforeseen financial situations in as much as providing payment plans or financial counseling.  NJIT will not "write off", "extinguish" or "absolve" a student of his financial responsibility due to the sole reason of inability to pay.


Appeal Procedure:

  1. Student must complete the Appeal Application below using the online system.  This may ONLY be completed and submitted online by using the link listed below.  Paper applications submitted via scanned email or in-person will not be accepted. The student will be re-directed to complete via the online process.
  2. NON-MEDICAL documentation should be sent to hardshipcommittee@njit.edu. A REFUND request will be automatically denied if no supporting documentation is provided.
  3. MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION should be emailed to the Dean of Students office at dos@njit.edu.
  4. Once the Appeal Application form and documentation are received, it is processed within the Office of the Bursar and sent to the committee for review. A decision will be made based on the appeal materials provided. Once a decision has been made, an email will be sent to the students NJIT email notifying them of the committee's decision and the state of the student's account.  The entire Hardship Refund process takes approximately four weeks..