Tuition and Fees

New Jersey Institute of Technology reserves the right to revise its charges for tuition and fees and to establish fees as may be required by increased educational costs. Tuition includes charges for services other than instruction, such as library, publications, counseling, placement, but does not cover the cost of damage to or loss of university property.

Fees provide funds for the operation of health services, student services and activities, inter-collegiate athletics, and various facilities and services.

The Schedule of Tuition and Fees has been carefully reviewed and has been subject of a public hearing as required by Law prior to the approval by NJIT's Board of Trustees. All fees are mandatory for Full-Time and Part-Time students and are considered non-negotiable.

Liability for Charges

Payment is due immediately for any registration that occurs after the due date. A student who registers for a course is liable for all tuition and fees. Receipt of a properly completed withdrawal notice by the Registrar's Office will affect the amount of refund, if any, to be issued. The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the collection of all payments.