Loss of Coverage

Full Time Domestic Students As Of The End Of The 100% Drop-Add Period

If you drop below 12 credits (undergraduate) or 9 credits (graduate) during the 100% refund period, you will not be covered under the NJIT Student Health Insurance Program and the health insurance premium will be reversed from your student account.

International Students

You must remain enrolled for a minimum of 31 days with at least 3 credits in order to maintain coverage.

30-Day Open Enrollment Period is available for the Fall semester until early October and for the Spring semester until mid-February.  Students who are not automatically enrolled in the NJIT Student Health Insurance Program may enroll directly with the insurance carrier.

Detailed information regarding the NJIT Student Health Insurance Program, including enrollment and other forms, may be viewed at http://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/NJ/NJIT/.