Graduation Information

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Application For Graduation
Candidates for graduation must complete an application for graduation by the specified deadline and submit it to the Office of the Registrar in-person or via fax (973) 642-7898. Graduation applications should not be left with department advisors. 

  Students who do not graduate will be automatically added to the next commencement list and billed for the appropriate fees.

Alphabetical Listing of Candidates for Graduation
A listing of candidates who have applied for graduation will be available for review prior to  the graduation deadline.  This list displays names and degrees of all candidates for graduation as they will appear on the diploma.  All corrections must be submitted to the registrar in writing with appropriate documentation no later than the deadline for submitting graduation applications.

NOTE: If you are currently taking coursework at another institution as part of your degree requirements, you must arrange to have the transfer credit process completed two weeks prior to graduation.

Graduation Certification Questions
Academic departments certify all candidates for graduation. Students will be removed from the graduation list if the academic requirements of the department have not been completed prior to the graduation date. Students who complete their requirements during the summer and fall terms will be members of the following May graduation class. Diplomas will be sent via certified mail for those students who do not attend a graduation ceremony. 

View Your NJIT Transcripts 
Please be certain to review your transcript at Highlander Pipeline to insure that you are following the prescribed program of study for your major.