Certificate in Business and Information Systems Implementation

Changes in information technology have been substantial in recent years; such as, analysis, design and programming have become "object-oriented" and information systems are impacted by concerns for privacy, ethics, intellectual property, and compliance issues.


Provides an update on current information technologies and practices, with a broad view of the delivery of data content and applications in an organization, and the identification of trends that will have a major impact on future business results. 

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Students in the Business and Information Systems Implementation Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 
 • Basic Java constructs and syntax, as well as core advanced features. 
 • The role of information systems in organizations, with a focus on management information systems.


Jonathan Smitherson

Olsen, George W.

Academic Advisor

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Olsen, George W.
Academic Advisor, College of Computing Sciences
GITC - 3400