Certificate in User Experience Essentials

User experience design is a radically changing area of both research and implementation. Whether it is a part of new apps, websites, or touchscreens at the supermarket, there is a designer behind each interactive product, implementing useful ideas and tools to the consumer in such a way that they would be happy to engage with. This is the basis behind User Experience Design (UX).


The graduate certificate in User Experience Essentials (UXE) exposes students to the process of usability testing and knowledge transfer between general audiences, technology designers, programmers, project managers, and administration.

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Students in the User Experience Essentials Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  •  Audience analysis (audience theory and research traditions, audience formation and experience, reception studies, etc.).
  •  User experience theories and applications (uses and gratifications, media functions versus media use, information-processing theory, etc.).
  •  Empirical communications research methodologies (content analysis, focus groups, in-depth interviews, thematic analysis, and surveys).
  •  Ability to draw inferences and make actionable recommendations based on user experience data.
  •  A research design that is user-centered, process-oriented and motivated by outcomes.


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