When and how to report a claim or injury

General Liability

Report any incident that involves injury or property damage that occurs on campus or off campus during or while participating in an NJIT event immediately to NJIT’s Risk Management Department within 24 hours by completing the incident report form.

Auto Liability or Physical Damage

  • Report all auto accidents that occur on campus immediately to NJIT’s Department of Public Safety.
  • Report all auto accident occurring off campus to local police


All sudden and accidental losses or damage to NJIT’s property should be reported immediately to:

  • NJIT Department of Public Safety at 973-596-3120
  • NJIT Facilities 973-596-6200
  • NJIT Office of Risk Management at riskmanagement@njit.edu

Property Claim Form

Report damage to NJIT Department of Risk Management by email within 24 hours

Worker's Compensation

  • All job related accidents must be reported to the employee’s immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office within 24 hours.
  • An Accident Report and the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report must be completed and returned to HR. 
  • Visit the NJIT Worker's Compensation webpage for more information.