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Your Community Road Map

Learn Together, Connect for Life

As a Learning Community student,

the experience begins for me at NJIT experience day for admitted students and Connections Miniversity, NJIT’s freshman orientation.  I get to meet my cohort and the faculty and staff that I will work with my first semester.

When the semester begins,

I spend my first weeks at NJIT exploring my major, connecting with my peers, and getting the help I need to succeed from my professors and advisor.  I get to meet up with my cohort regularly and I have Learning Community’s mentors, upperclassmen from my major, as a fantastic resource that help me adjust to college life academically and answer questions I may have about my major.

Through the connections I’ve made,

I am learning more about my major and where to go for help when needed.  I understand how important it is to manage my time well, and I am actively engaged and connected with my cohort in study groups, blogs, and video discussions.  Moreover I partake in academic and social events and a community service project that further connects me to NJIT and my local community.  I am proud to be an NJIT Highlander!

In my second semester,

I have settled into a schedule and academic program that works for me - or I begin to settle into a new major that better suits me-  with my advisor’s help.  I decide to participate in a research project or a community service project, building an E-portfolio of accomplishments to share with prospective employers or research mentors. To guide me, “Career Mentors”, alumni in my field, are introducing me to my career opportunities and helping me understanding my options.  I continue building on these experiences with a fun and active summer!

In my second year,

I am fully immersed in my community and look to broaden my horizons through a co-op, internship, or funded research opportunity. I build my past summer research or service learning experiences into my E-Portfolio and now have a real resume to show off to future possible employers! I am eager to share my experiences and new found wisdom with new freshmen and apply to be a peer mentor myself!

It is not long before I will begin to work on my senior project and prepare for life after graduation.

My classmates and I are on a Capstone team together and are excited about presenting our work at the Provost’s Research Showcase during our senior year at NJIT.  I have brought a unique set of skills to this team and have learned so much from my friends and peers.  I am using my network of faculty advisors and professors that I have created through Learning Communities to help me with my future goals. Through these relationships, my faculty advisors and professors are writing letters of recommendation and helping me with graduate school or job applications. I remember all of the great times that I spent with my Learning Communities group from freshman year and embrace them all at graduation.

These are friends that I will never forget and experiences that will stay with me forever because we learned together and connected for life.