Research Focus Groups

Research Cluster A: Life Science and Engineering


1.   Life Science and Healthcare
Co-Leaders: Namas Chandra & Bryan J. Pfister


2.   Healthcare Systems, Informatics and Analytics
Co-Leaders: James Geller , Yi Chen and Wenbo Cao


Research Cluster B: Sustainable Systems

3. Water-Energy Nexus
Co-Leaders: Kamalesh Sirkar and Eon Soo Lee


4. Urban Ecology and Sustainability
Co-Leaders: Michel Boufadel and Reggie J. Caudill


5.   Manufacturing Systems
Co-Leaders: Piero Armenante and Sanchoy Das


6.   Advanced Materials and Engineered Particulates
Co-Leaders: Rajesh Dave and Trevor Tyson


7.   Nanotechnology
Co-Leaders: Haim Grebel and Som Mitra


Research Cluster C: Data Science and Information Technology


8.   Information and Communications Technology
Co-Leaders: Alexander Haimovich and Nirwan Ansari


9.   Cyber Security
Co-Leaders: Kurt Rohloff and Cristian Borcea


10.   Data Science and Systems
Co-Leaders: Usman Roshan, Haimin Wang and Frank Shih


Research Cluster D:  Trans-Disciplinary Areas


11.   Mathematical Modeling and Computation Science
Co-Leaders: Michael Siegel and Shawn Chester


12.   Transportation Systems
Co-Leaders: Lazar Spasovic and Edip Niver


13.   Science-Technology-Society Interactions
Co-Leaders: Stephen Pemberton and Cesar Bandera