About the CARE Team

Who is on the Care Team?

The CARE Team is a multi-disciplinary campus committee that works together to promote a safe, supportive environment and includes representatives from the following offices: Dean of Students, Residence Services, NJIT Police Department, Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Services, Title IX Coordinator and other on-campus partners.

What Processes do the Care Team Members use?

There are four basic elements involved in the Care Team Model.

  • INTERVENTION, usually a physical presence designed to prevent an action or to maintain or alter a condition.
  • Physical or emotional SUPPORT of a person in distress.
  • ASSESSMENT of a situation or employing the use of colleagues and providers able to render an assessment of the situation.
  • Developing a plan of ACTION or follow-up.Who is on the Care Team?

Things you can do to Assist

  • When you are concerned about a student, please send an email to the Dean of Students at doss@njit.edu
  • Ensure that your own contact information is updated in the campus directory or encourage your students to do so. This enables a University staff member to reach a family member if necessary.