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October 2021 - The use of Internet Explorer will not support the current version of Chrome River.  Please use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and/or Firefox.


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New Top Navigation Bar - On November 3, 2021, Emburse Chrome River will introduce an all-new top navigation bar prioritizing key information and streamlines user interface experience. For a preview of the enhancements please click here.

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Yes, you can assign a delegate who will have full access to your account.

There are no limits on how many delegates you can have; however, you are ultimately responsible for anything your delegate does on your behalf.

To revoke a user’s ability to delegate, tap the X next to his or her name in the delegates list.

An approval delegate is an individual who temporarily approves expenses and pre-approvals on behalf of the designated approver.

  • Receipts can be emailed to
  • Receipts can be uploaded using the CR Snap app
  • They can be uploaded directly to the receipt gallery directly from the device you are currently working on

CR Snap is Chrome River’s free SNAP app that allows users to quickly and easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs. Users simply snap a photo of the receipt using the app and it will be uploaded directly to their Receipt Gallery and the Offline tab of the eWallet for use the next time they access Chrome River.

An alternate email address is additional email address that can be used to send receipts to Chrome River.

As of January 1, 2022, the business standard mileage rate is 58.5 cents per mile.

Receipts will remain in your receipt gallery until you expense or delete them.

Yes, you can recall an expense as long as it has not been fully approved.

  • A warning is a soft stop and requires an explanation in order to submit your reimbursement.
  • A violation is a hard stop and requires action based on the rule fired and a reimbursement cannot be submitted until the violation is removed

Domestic Travel and International Travel report types require a pre-approval.

  • Is this event hosted by someone other than NJIT
  • Are you acting in a Scholarly Capacity

For additional information regarding the Request for Attendance at Events Form please contact the Ethics Office at 973-596-5448

If the routing is incorrect you must contact the Financial Systems and Innovations Department (FSI) at for assistance.

Exported means that the reimbursement has been exported to Banner. Once the Expense Report has been exported, payment will be issued in the next payment cycle..

Pre-Approvals are marked used after a portion of the total estimated expense has been applied to an expense report(s).

Pre-Approvals expire after the total estimated expenses have been applied to an expense report(s) or when the Pre-Approvals Event Start date exceed 180 days.

Expense reports are reviewed and approved for payment within 48 hours after reaching the Accounts Payables approval queue provided there are no discrepancies and are in compliance with all NJIT policies.

Yes, for instructions on how to set up your direct deposit go to the Accounts Payable Direct Deposit webpage.
Note: Accounts Payable direct deposit set up is separate from Payroll direct deposit.

No matter the location of your trip, you must always enter "NJIT-Per Diem (All Locations), New Jersey (NJ), United States"